Dr. Arshad Abdullah VohraChancellor

Educational institutions particularly the universities take pride in their achievements and placement, both at regional and global levels. They consistently endeavor to come up to the expectations of all by adhering to the highest principles that an institution demands. Freedom of thought and expression is a vital factor in character building to face future challenges.
NHU has ventured to excel in all such facets of teaching and research. The promising students shall be granted scholarships. Although the university commenced its academic session in March -2014 but in this short span, I take pride in acknowledging a substantial progress towards achieving its vision and mission.
Together with highly qualified and experienced faculty, the university has adapted the model curriculum offered by the Higher Education Commission in a manner that it comes up to the expectations of parents and students. University is also living up to the prevailing demand of wherewithal and environment to accomplish teaching and innovative research in humanities, social services, science disciplines, arts and cultural translations. All these efforts are aimed at producing leaders who shall have the capacity to meet the future challenges.
The accreditations/approval of its degree programs by Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC), Pakistan Council of Architects and Town Planners (PCATP), Pharmacy Council of Pakistan (PCP), National Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (NACTE), registration with the National Business Education Accreditation Council (NBEAC) and National Computing Education Accreditation Council (NCEAC) serve as an assurance to the quality of the academic programs offered at NHU.
As Chancellor of Nazeer Hussain University, I take pride to mention that it is my commitment and shall not leave any stone unturned to ensure that our set goals are met with perfection and objectivity.
Last but not the least, I stand alongside the Board of Governors, Vice Chancellor, Faculty, Staff and students of NHU in welcoming the new faculty and students to our academic fraternity. I am confident that they will find NHU a friendly venue to expose their talents in the fields that we offer.

Prof. Dr. S. Altaf Hussain Ph.D (London)Vice Chancellor

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Nazeer Hussain University is enthused by the great vision and knowledge of some of the top Universities around the globe. We at this university believe that every individual has the potential to play significant role in development process after shaping their personalities into resourceful professionals, We are here to help students use their strengths to become more energetic contributors towards individual's as well as for the nation's success.
Outstanding students, staff, a high caliber imaginative faculty and supporters both in industry and philanthropy have all combined to position the university among the best achieving institutions of higher education.
We have merged the theoretical knowledge with practically performed projects to prepare students for real-life work related challenges.
Recognition of NHU with all the monitoring councils relating to the available disciplines is an excellent support for the quality of education imparted at NUH.
NHU is located at a prime place of the city to provide easy accessibility to every student with advance facilities at campus that can help and catalyze learning process.
I invite you to explore what NHU has to offer you and find out how is it like to work at NHU's enviorenment.