Prof. Dr. S. Altaf HussainVice Chancellor

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Nazeer Hussain University is enthused by the great vision and knowledge of some of the top Universities around the globe. We at this university believe that every individual has the potential to play significant role in development process after shaping their personalities into resourceful professionals, We are here to help students use their strengths to become more energetic contributors towards individual's as well as for the nation's success.
Outstanding students, staff, a high caliber imaginative faculty and supporters both in industry and philanthropy have all combined to position the university among the best achieving institutions of higher education.
We have merged the theoretical knowledge with practically performed projects to prepare students for real-life work related challenges.
Recognition of NHU with all the monitoring councils relating to the available disciplines is an excellent support for the quality of education imparted at NUH.
NHU is located at a prime place of the city to provide easy accessibility to every student with advance facilities at campus that can help and catalyze learning process.
I invite you to explore what NHU has to offer you and find out how is it like to work at NHU's enviorenment.