Dr. Javaria Manzoor Shaikh Chairperson Architecture & Built Environment
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Javeria Shaikh, is an Associate Professor AT NHU, she did her PhD as a design expertise in hospital were fine-tuned by a visit to USA, Australia and Malaysia where I was granted travel under HEC criterion. She went to Texas Tech University, USA "Space Syntax in Hospital". In addition she attended international seminars on various subjects like Syntax in Seoul and Paris, some on Renewable Energy in Korea etc and developed links with internationally renowned professionals like Dr. Michael Cozen and Dr. Prof. Michael Janson who pioneered City Planning and Urban Planning. In October 2008 she presented her first research paper on composite strength scaling in "6th Joint Colloquium of Design 2014", Aachen, Germany. In 2009, her 2nd research paper was published in "IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Computer Science and Information Engineering", California, USA. In 2014, she presented her paper in KIHA Conference & BEAMS USER'S MEETING, Kula Lumpur Malaysia.

The built environment of hospital buildings may have both positive and negative impacts on patients. In the design of hospital buildings it is quite vigorous that its design, spatial arrangement and aereal distribution must respond to curative needs of people so as the outcome emerge in the form of healing environment in the physical spaces. This kind of user friendly is quite adequately available in the developed countries of global north. However; in developing countries of global south like Pakistan the healing environment in hospital buildings is neither documented nor evident in any available published literature. Whereas, it need to be well documented and analyzed. Therefore this research is proposed on the "Improvement of Healing Environment within General Care Hospital Buildings in Pakistan based on Design Determinants, Spatial Organization, and Aereal Distribution." Where the "Improvement of Healing Environment within General Hospital Buildings in Pakistan" is the dependent variable and Design Determinants, Spatial Organization, and Aereal Distribution are three independent variables. The initiation of this doctoral thesis is based on three research papers written by author on hospital design that dealt with the design determinants, spatial organization and areal distribution, in hospital buildings.



She started her PhD in October 2012 in Department of Architecture and Design, Faculty of Architecture Engineering, Hanyang University, Korea in supervision of Prof. Dr. Jae Park who is also the chairman of Korean Institute of Healthcare Architecture. Her research emphasis is Simulation of Syntax studies in Healthcare specially ICU in Korea and Pakistan hospital design under the supervision of internationally renowned professor and cooperative team of faculty members and with modern research facilities available she earned her PhD degree titled “A Study to improve User Friendly Healthcare Facilities in Pakistan based on Design Determinants, Spatial Organization, and Aereal Distribution” dated 11-05-2017. She acknowledge the support and encouragement from her mother, husband and brothers, the government and HEC in facilitating her PhD. She am motivated to add her contribution in the development of country composite Healthcare industry sector. Her future directions will be transfer of knowledge based skills to youth, integration of industry and research institutions. Example defense/energy/sports/automobile/health industries are craving for composite design techniques to cope with today’s modern design demands. Publications at NHU 2018: 1. HVAC Architectural Model, Dr. Javaria Shaikh, Fawad Azeem and Munawar Saqib, NHU, 5-7 April 2018 Islamabad Convention Center 25th HVACR Expo and Conference. 2. Paper titled “Eliminating wasted spaces by applying 3M Analysis; within Hospital Buildings in Pakistan” by Javeria Manzoor Shaikh, Khan Muhammad Brohi, and Sabeen Qureshi, submitted for publication in the quarterly ‘Mehran University Research Journal of Engineering & Technology’. The External Referees/Experts has following opinion about your Research Paper: 3. “Residents’ Subjective Assessment of Walkability Attributes in Objectively Assessed Neighbourhoods” by Sabeen Qureshi, Javeria Manzoor Shaikh, and Sheeraz Ahmed Memon, accepted for publication in quarterly ‘Mehran University Research Journal of Engineering & Technology’. Publications for Defence of PhD in Korea: • 1. A study on the Healing Effects of UV-Day light for the healthy Leprosy Center through the ANOVA statistical analysis - Focused on 5S (Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardize, Sustain) Shaikh, Javaria Manzoor ; Park, JaeSeung ; Journal of The Korea Institute of Healthcare Architecture, volume 19, issue 4, 2013, Pages 7-18 • 2. Javeria, Shaikh, and Jae Seung Park. "A Study on healing effects of a Sunlight at Surgery Day Care area at Agha Khan Hospital, Pakistan-Focused on passive solar healthcare design." ?????????? 2013 ?? ?????? ??? 4 (2013): 13-17. • 3. Shaikh, Javaria Manzoor, and Park Jae Seung. "Testing The Healing Environment Conditions for Nurses with two Independent Variables: Visibility Enhancement along with Shortening the Walking Distance of the Nurses to Patient." ?????????? ??? 15, no. 2 (2015): 19-26. Her research interests are Healthcare Facility Design based space design, simulate the area, development of composite based smart healthcare spaces, studying nature for healthcare solutions, development of inland composite manufacturing facilities in government as well as in private healthcare industry. She is driven by never-ending curiosity and a passion for research. This is why she enjoys her profession, because every day would bring new challenges and learning experience for healthcare which is in a merger state.



During job she earned valuable experience of visibility axis programming/machining of complex shape jobs and precision machining of Space Syntax. ANSYS, MATHEMATICA, AUTOCAD, GIS, ANN, SVM and syntax programming are the tools which I have been using in my research and engineering practices. M.Sc courses like "Building repair", "Research Methods", "Computational Architecture", "Computer Aided Design and Total Quality Management", "Image Process and Machine Vision" have greatly enhanced my design analysis expertise in combination with her component Hospital design and PhD research experience.


2017CompletedHanyang University Seoul Korea Ph.D

2010CompletedErasmus Mundus Sevelle M.S (Engg.)

2008CompletedUET Lahore M.Arch