Department Of Architecture & The Built Environment

Bachelor in Environmental Design Technologies.

The students on this course, after having successfully completed the first two semester of generic studies in Architecture and the Built Environment, will specialise in the understanding of the construction industry, planning principles, and real estate. In line with the ethos of the University and Faculty, there is a strong emphasis on integrating project work with theory and practice. The course offers academic link with other faculties such as Business and Management Studies and Engineering Practices by offering optional modules. This is aimed at developing an interdisciplinary approach for our graduates in their chosen profession. The Nazeer Hussain University will have strong links with industry nationally and internationally, and with local and national communities; as such, it aims for excellence in research and practice in the field of the construction industry combined with care for communities and the environment. Our aim is to be innovative and cutting edge in all that we do.



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A Picnic Event which was organized by faculty of engineering practices and sciences

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There Is No Force Equal To A Woman Determined To Rise

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Students Activity