Department Of Architecture & The Built Environment

Bachelor in Spatial Design:City & Interior Architecture

At Nazeer Hussain University, the course in Spatial Design is designed to provide new knowledge and skills that will allow you to design a variety of three-dimensional spaces in our cities and internal and external spaces. The course will explore notions of individual and collective ‘space-making’ that are related to and yet distinct from the practice of architecture. As such, you will address how we inhabit a range of space from the small scale of a person up to the global scale of the city. Studying on the Spatial Design the program provides a direct route into professional practice varying from urban development to Interior Architecture, Interior Design or Landscape design. Many graduates from this program will pursue careers in multi-disciplinary organisations in which they can offer their experience of working within regeneration teams, architectural practices,urban design consultants, etc, enabling them to contribute to the understanding of and production of well-designed spaces for human occupation. The specific focus of the course is therefore on innovative and appropriate design solutions that are achieved primarily through the adaptation and manipulation of social space and cultural identity. The course promotes a critical approach to design, acknowledging the importance of other closely related aspects of urban habitation in shaping our internal and external spaces, and in responding to local and global needs.As well as promoting new knowledge and skills in design of the cities and Interior spaces, you will study theories that inform the creation of personal or collective space and master the practical skills required to realise design concepts and ideas. Materiality, cultural identity, light, colour,and the related tectonic aspects of design will reinforce your understanding of the processes involved both in visualising and exploring space. The course will provides you with a wide exposure to spatial design, and its social and formal implications, enabling you to cultivate your particular interests in a variety of areas.In addition, the Nazeer Hussain University will provide up-to-date CAD laboratories with an impressive range of equipment and software which match international standards, along with purpose-designed studios and workshops with technical support to enable you to experiment with materials and use experimental methods do develop your concepts, such as through drawings, life-size installations, films,photographs and digital media. All modules on the course are specifically tailored to enable students from a variety of backgrounds, abilities and skill to participate and contribute to the course and the educational culture of the University as a whole.



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