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Bachelor in Architecture

Bachelor in Architecture

The Bachelor in Architecture concentrates on developing your critical and experimental design skills. The learning environment created at NHU intends to use analysis and research as an ongoing process of creative design and innovation placed in the global and local context. Throughout the five years of your undergraduate study at Nazeer Hussain University, you will be offered distinct and yet related experiences and tasks.These aim to enable you to explore various aspects of architectural education and your own personal interest within the subject area. You will be encouraged to think creatively and conceptually using sketches, drawings, models, mapping, films, photography and site-specific installations. You will be required to examine the relationship between design and theory, and to investigate wider issues in architecture and the built environment, such as social engagement, participation and propositions for sustainable design. Through a diverse range of studio-based design projects, with input from national and international practitioners and academics, students will work individually or in small groups to develop their own ideas and interests, making them more independent, creative, socially aware and sensitive as professionals. While addressing design projects at the social, cultural and technical levels in the studio environment, students will be also provided with taught program about architectural theories, and building technologies,digital representational techniques, as well as more abstract and conceptual ways of thinking.

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