Department Of Business & Management Studies

MS in Management Sciences

NHU Vision: Our aim in NHU is to provide you with the education needed to lead in your chosen profession.

Eligibility Criteria: The students with 16-year of non-relevant education will be required to do 30 to 36 credit hours of deficiency courses before they could become eligible for admission to MS program. The following courses are recommended to be successfully completed as minimum requirement.

Scholarships: No Academically outstanding student is denied education at NHU due to financial constraints. Need-based and merit scholarships are given as per NHU policy.

Salient Features: The hallmark of Faculty of business Management Studies is its international tailor-made curriculum developed and delivered by an internationally recognized team of eminent professionals and academicians. We strive to prepare our graduates as highly creative, skilled and dedicated practitioners able to face challenges of the 21st century.

Industry Liaison: NHU is keen to provide first hand practical experience to its students which enables them learn specialized skills through their exposure to the concerned industries at work. We focus on the changing environmental demands and understand the cumulative value of industrial experience for professionals.



Events & Happenings

NHU Celebrated “Iqbal Day”-

FBMS, NHU Celebrated “Iqbal Day”

Hyde Park Activity-

FBMS NHU, organized a Hyde Park activity

Defense Day Celebration at NHU-

Celebration at NHU