M.Ed (Master’s of Education) Program


Professions related to education are the fastest growing and most demanding all over the world .NHU is to address national and international challenges in the field of education in general and in the field of teacher education particular. This program is design to prepare educationalist with key skills and knowledge to understand and confront with changing demands of this profession.


This program aims to produce highly qualified and trained educators with vision of educational policies, standers and demands and will provide all necessities for the development of professional educators ,so their full potential can be utilized.
Our mission is to improve educational practices at local national and global levels through application of advanced and relevant educational concepts ,methods and skills through enlightening those who are seeking a prosperous career in education.

Objectives of the Program:

  • After completing this professional course students will be able to
  • To Understand and express concepts in education
  • To apply their analytical abilities for identifying problems,cause and their solutions.
  • To lead in providing research based solutions to educational problems.
  • To conduct Research in their field of specialization



Events & Happenings


Prof. Dr Anjum Bano Kazimi, Head of the Department of Education and Social Sciences at Nazeer Hussain University addressing on the International Disability Day at The Education Foundation. She highlighted those factors which are effecting employment of Special Need Persons.

Conference on Legal Education-

Prof. Dr. Anjum Bano Kazimi and Ms. Salima Moosa Sadruddin Sewani of NHU has presented their paper in an International Conference on Legal Education on the topic “Causes and impact of Law Avoidance and Disobedience in the light of Mars model with special reference to Laws for Special Need Persons

Professional Competency Researchers Prog-

In the light of quality enhancement program of HEC a one day Research workshop on “Hands on Experience Based Research” was held on Saturday, December 12th, 2015. It was organized by Prof. Dr. Anjum Bano Kazimi, Head of Department of Education & Social Sciences at Nazeer Hussain University, Karac