NHU is an exceptionally cosmopolitan and vibrant academia which addresses the students’ dreams of higher education in their chosen professions. The university is preeminently aware of different learning requirements of students of the day; measures the importance of their personal obligations; and try to fulfil these demands through a high-tech learning support based on futuristically designed curriculum & methodologies. It is an institution which is culturally committed to openly accessible higher education backed up by the concepts of academic awareness and social fairness.

Department of Education:

Emerging concepts of “Knowledge Society” is the base of new global educational world. The Department of Education is taking responsibilities of meeting these challenges of social transformation by providing quality education to future generations. The department is established on the bases of outstanding and innovative concepts in the field of educational research to meet today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities. Unique infra-structure of the campus is fully furnished with cutting-edge facilities. A team of highly qualified, professionally trained and skilled faculty members is ready to serve for the academic excellence with high plans of creating independent thinkers; pursuing innovation; engendering social responsibility; and promoting academic freedom in society generally and women particularly.


The department is determined to become a leading resource center in teachers’ education and capacity building to utilize the human skills at maximum to meet the academic, societal, cultural & economic needs in the 21st century.


The Department will develop, apply and disseminate all resources through research based, innovative and most modern curriculum & teaching methodology to identify human potential and provide opportunities for participation in all activities for lifelong learning and playing a part in the development of society.

o M.Phil/MS

o M.Ed [Regular], M.Ed [External]

o B.Ed [Regular], B.Ed [External]

o B.Com [Bachelors in Commerce]

o B.A [Bachelors in Arts]


Events & Happenings


Prof. Dr Anjum Bano Kazimi, Head of the Department of Education and Social Sciences at Nazeer Hussain University addressing on the International Disability Day at The Education Foundation. She highlighted those factors which are effecting employment of Special Need Persons.

Conference on Legal Education-

Prof. Dr. Anjum Bano Kazimi and Ms. Salima Moosa Sadruddin Sewani of NHU has presented their paper in an International Conference on Legal Education on the topic “Causes and impact of Law Avoidance and Disobedience in the light of Mars model with special reference to Laws for Special Need Persons

Professional Competency Researchers Prog-

In the light of quality enhancement program of HEC a one day Research workshop on “Hands on Experience Based Research” was held on Saturday, December 12th, 2015. It was organized by Prof. Dr. Anjum Bano Kazimi, Head of Department of Education & Social Sciences at Nazeer Hussain University, Karac