Our Bachelors program in Media Sciences is modeled on similar degree programs taught internationally but is adapted to reflect the ethical and cultural values of the country giving our graduates enormous flexibility and advantage in choosing their career path within the Media industry and profession. Immediate access to job opportunities in Media Industry reflect the importance of the media in shaping and covering the impressive growth of the country.


We ensure that our students receive the finest education available in the field of Media in the country and provide them with state-of-the-art facilities, highly qualified and experienced faculty members, and hands-on practical experience.


Our graduates are prepared for immediate entry into the professional world of the media . They will be able to find successful employment in some of the leading print and electronic media brand names in the country and beyond, as well as being able to pursue graduate work at leading institutions around the world.
We offer our students the options to follow a general degree path or specialize in one of the four concentrations of media industry, electronic media, digital media, advertising and public relations and print media.

We have designed our program to:
  • Provide students with a thorough grounding in the variety of perspectives found in the academic discipline of media sciences, thus fostering students critical and analytical faculties with respect to the mass media.
  • Furnish students with the requisite theoretical and strategic knowledge required of professionals media persons in then media industry.
  • Prepare students for positions in the media industry requiring a high degree of technical proficiency.
  • Equip graduates with the required competencies to assume entry-level positions in their chosen fields of endeavor in the mass media industry.

  • Upon graduation, our students are able to prove media industry in relevant disciplines:
  • Differentiate, articulate and critically analyze the dominant quantitative and qualitative research methods and paradigms found in the discipline of media sciences and to employ these research methods in their professional careers.
  • Understand and articulate the role that the mass media play in the production of everyday experience, culture and belief, and critically analyze the content of the media by explaining the nature of its production, meaning and effects.
  • Employ digital technology in the production of media content for print, web and/or broadcast media.

  • Admissions Open For Department Of Media Sciences
    in All Programs.

    Admissions Open For Department Of Media Sciences
    in All Programs.