Engr. Mumtaz Ahmad Qaisrani Lecturer Mechanical Engineering Department
email: m.ahmad@nhu.edu.pk phone: ++922136362046-54 www.nhu.edu.pk



He completed his bachelors in science majoring in mechanical engineering from University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore in 2012 .He was serving at Shaheen Airport Services, Karachi, before he went to study at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong on scholarship for the degree of Masters in Mechanical Engineering. He is currently serving as lecturer in Mechanical Engineering Department at Nazeer Hussain University. His research interests include nanotechnology and renewable energy.

Teaching Assignment / Subjects: Thermodynamics

Achievements:  Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan Competitive Scholarship for Higher Studies (MSc) abroad.  

  • Design and Fabrication of micro hydro kinetic turbine (Banki Michell turbine)

Turbine was designed and fabricated for small head of 15m to generate electricity. All the design calculations and engineering analysis was done using ANSYS software.

  • Numerical design of a metamaterial for shear wave absorption.

A meta-material was modeled to make shear wave invisible. Properties were numerically derived and stimulations were performed to validate the theoretical results. ANSYS and COMSOL software were used for analysis and calculations.

His Publication: “Numerical Design of a Meta-material for shear wave invisibility” Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology. (Under review)


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2014CompletedHong Kong University of Science and TechnologyMS(Mechanical Engineering)

2012CompletedUniversity of Engineering and Technology, LahoreBS( Mechanical Engineering)