Asif Iqbal Lecturer Education & Social Sciences
email: asif.iqbal@nhu.edu.pk phone: ++922136362046-54 www.nhu.edu.pk



My sincere commitment is to provide exceptional contributions to Equip students with the knowledge and skills which enable them to understand the ideology of Islam and to teach Islamic Studies to a broad spectrum of learners over worldwide educational contexts and to plan strategies to increase the proficiency of Islamic studies Learners.
Research interests:

  • Quran and society
  • Quran and orientalism
  • comparative study of religions
  • Study of the history of contemporary Muslim world.


  • Research Article “اسلام میں غلامی کا تصور ”, published in Ihya-ul-Uloom, Vol:14, ISSN:17290988, page no:30-42,Research journal, Department of  Quran-o-Sunnah, Faculty of Islamic Studies, U.O.K.
  • Research Article “تكوين المجتمع في ضوء سورة النور ” Approved by Ihya-ul-Uloom, Research journal, Department of Quran-o-Sunnah, Faculty of Islamic Studies, U.O.K.

Teaching Assignment / Subjects: Islamic Studies/Arabic language


Sep, 2014, NED UniversityResource person for Arabic Language

Teaching Arabic as a foreign language for engineers to equip them with effective communication skills in Arabic which enables them approach middle east market.


In ProgressUniversity of KarachiMPhil leading to PhD