Muhammad Imran Saeed Assistant Professor Electrical Engineering Department
email: phone: ++922136362046-54



Mr Muhammad Imran Saeed completed his education from Quaid-e-Awam University of Engineering, Science and Technology Nawabshah. He has completed MS (Information Technology), and BS (Information Technology) From Quaid-e-Awam University of Engineering, Science and Technology Nawabshah. He started his professional career as a Software Executive in World call Telecom limited Karachi. He has 4 years Software experience and 2 years teaching experience. His research is based on Image processing and Web application development. Currently, He has served their responsibilities in Nazeer Hussain University, Karachi, as an Assistant Professor in Faculty of Engineering Practices and Sciences.



  • Well organized Technology Exhibition.
  • Well organized FYP- I and FYP-II Seminars
  • Created Lab of IRDL.


Teaching Experience as an Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor in Nazeer Hussain University from Nov-2017 to present.

Program Coordinator >: Department of Computer Science and Technology

Project Supervisor >:

I supervised some of the projects named as Online Assessment Application, Campus Management System, Online Quiz Application, Student Management System, Solar Panel Controlling and Tracking System (A Smart Tracker and Controller to Charge Automatically Solar System).

Teaching Experience as a Lecturer:

I joined Nazeer Hussain University as Lecturer in Computer Science. I am also involved in the NCEAC-HEC documentation process for accreditation of BSCS in FEPS in NHU. I have initiated and started Integrated Research and Development Lab. By working on this facility the students will work on different project by using the facilities of this lab.

NCEAC-HEC Accreditation >:

  • I am the only active member who is involved for the accreditation of Department of Computer Science and Technology in Nazeer Hussain University.
  • Experienced in NCEAC-HEC accreditation from filling all the documents upto the end of the accreditation process.
  • Working as Assistant professor and program coordinator of Department of Computer Science & Technology.
Subject Taught >:
  • Microprocessor based systems and applications, Operating System, Data Structure and Algorithm, Web Design & Development, Data Communication & Networks, Work Shop CCNA
Committees Members >:
  • Board of Studies Member(BOS)
  • Board of Faculty Member(BOF)
Software Experience >:
  • Responsible for performing design and development on one or more Projects. Functional (Configuration / Scripting), Integration with other application, Data Migration or Data Conversion etc.
  • Responsible for providing effort estimation of design and development tasks. CRM Development, Documentation of Technical Design.
  • CRM Developer must be well versed with Development Standards
  • Experience in .Net platform, C#, Web programming.
Network Experience >:
  • Fully Knowledge about Layers, Routing Protocols, Switches, Hubs, Cabling Standards. Clear Concepts about Server and Client plus Configuration
  • Advance Routing Protocols, Worked with Windows Server 2003
  • Network Sharing and Workgroups. Virtually & Remotely Configured with Different Pcs. Advance Communication Network Protocol


CompletedQUEST NawabhsahMS(Information Technology)