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NHU Quality Enhancement Cell

The QEC office has been established within the Vice Chancellors’ secretariat. The QEC at Nazeer Hussain University is the way forward towards the excellence in order to ensure Quality to get along with HEC standards and growing need of quality assurance in education sector. It is hoped that this strategic decision will have a very positive effect on the quality of education being imparted at NHU.


NHU QEC is committed to ensure quality in all academic degree programs; to develop quality assurance process, methods of evaluation and monitoring; faculty, students and staff.


  • To improve and maintain academic standards.
  • To monitor, evaluate and enhance students’ learning.
  • To verify that the existing programs meet their objectives and institutional goals.
  • To provide feedback for quality assurance of academic programs and support services.


To coordinate with all respective nominated degree programs’ and assessment team members in order to ensure conformity to Quality as per HEC prescribed standards and to get aligned with the vision of QEC at Nazeer Hussain University.

DesignationNameContact No.Email address
QEC OfficeNazeer Hussain University021-36362045-53 (Ext: 170)[email protected]
Director QECEngr. Dr. Faraz Ahmed Shaikh0333-2518278[email protected]
Deputy Director QECDr. Khawar Khalid0332-3605090[email protected]
Deputy Director QEC Research & Global EngagementDr. Saira Shahnaz0331-8169453[email protected]
Senior QEC Officer & Data AnalystDr. Tuba Sahar0333-2201907[email protected]
[email protected]

Department of Pharmacy

  • Dr. Tuba Sahar
  • Dr. Saira Faraz

Bachelor of Electrical Engineering

  • Engr. Saqib Munawwar
  • Engr. Aisha Ghufran
  • Engr. Feeha Areej

Civil Engineering Technology

  • Engr. Raza Haider
  • Engr. Shahzaib Shah

Electrical Engineering Technology

  • Engr. Syed Saad Ali
  • Engr. Khalil-ur-Rehman

Electronics Engineering Technology

  • Engr. Asif Taj
  • Engr. Fasih Ahmed

Mechanical Engineering Technology

  • Engr. Asad Ali Laghari
  • Engr. Anwar Anis

Bachelor in Architecture

  • Syeda Arfa Quddusi
  • Fariha Khan

Bachelor of Computer Science

  • Ms. Hermain Fayyaz

Faculty of Business and Management Studies

  • Dr. Sikander Hussain

Doctor of Physical Therapy

  • Dr. Ramsha Syed

Pakistan Network of Quality Assurance in Higher Education (PNQAHE)

The Pakistan Network of Quality Assurance in Higher Education was inaugurated during the 1st International Conference on Quality Assurance in Higher Education, held on December 18-19, 2017, and organized by Khyber Medical University in Peshawar.
During the conference, the Quality Enhancement Cell of Khyber Medical University proposed the establishment of the Pakistan Network of Quality Assurance in Higher Education, creating a platform for Quality Enhancement Cells (QECs) from 170 universities in Pakistan. This proposal received widespread approval from participants representing both national and international higher education institutions.
Consequently, all conference attendees were designated as full members of PNQAHE, and an interim committee was formed to oversee the selection process for the network’s executive committee. The executive committee was officially established on September 27, 2018, and the nominations for other board positions were also finalized on the same day.
INQAAHE serves as a quality assurance community with common interests, a shared language, and a mutual understanding of the practices in a specialized field of work. It serves as a platform for discussing global issues that transcend national and regional boundaries, such as cross-border education. INQAAHE members have the opportunity to gain insights from the experiences of others, learning from both their successes and failures, thereby contributing to the growth of the quality assurance profession.
For Membership Details: Click Here


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