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Educational Aims


The Nazeer Hussain University pledges to evolve and adapt to the challenges of providing the opportunity for under-privileged students in Karachi to develop their natural potential, and as such sets itself the following educational aims:

  • To attract high-calibre and dynamic academic staff members who can offer innovative teaching methodologies, ignite in the students a lifelong love of learning, promote social responsibility, and respect and celebrate cultural and other diversities amongst students.
  • To offer admission to inventive and industrious students of good intellect from all cultural backgrounds that are keen to develop their potential to the fullest, including the pursuit of knowledge for its own sake.
  • To advance the well-being of the people of Pakistan and worldwide through an active dissemination of knowledge and skills.
  • To become involved in research, scientific, cultural and social activities.
  • To place a major emphasis on sustainability, projects and a close involvement with industries and communities both locally and internationally.
  • To place a strong focus on empowering women through education.
  • To create an important centre of inquiry, knowledge and professional expertise in fields which have vital implications for human needs and social opportunities in future.

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