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ADP – Physical Therapy


Physical therapy is an essential segment of modern health care system. It is a science of healing and art of caring. It pertains to the clinical examination, evaluation, assessment, diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal, Neurological, Cardio-Vascular and Respiratory systems’ functional disorders including symptoms of pain, edema, physiological, structural and psychosomatic ailments. It deals with methods of treatment based on movement, manual therapy, physical agents, and therapeutics modalities to relieve the pain and other complications.
Hence, Physical therapy covers basic parameters of healing sciences i.e. preventive, primitive, diagnostic, rehabilitative, and curative.

The Associate Degree Program in Physical Therapy (ADP-PT) is a two-year degree offered to candidates having 12 years of Higher Secondary School Education (Intermediate and equivalent). The curriculum of Associate Degree in Physical Therapy is designed with the purpose of giving students a working knowledge of bodily systems and how to effectively determine and administer treatments. The courses include general as well as professional courses to provide basic knowledge related to Physical Therapy. The ADP offers the following advantages:
1. The ADP couples general education with marketable skills by focusing on a specific clinical or academic area and can, therefore, translate into a job opportunity earlier compared to a regular bachelor degree. It, therefore, offers a timely approach to self-sufficiency.
2. A candidate on completion of the two-year ADP can take admission in the 5th semester of DPT program and continue for completion of the five-year Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) Program without any loss of time.
3. The ADP is economically more attractive for those who are financially constrained.


Under supervision of a Physical Therapist, the graduates of ADP-PT may work in:

    • Hospitals
    • Educational Institutions.
    • Physical Therapy Clinics
    • Rehabilitation Centre
    • Community Centre
    • Special Schools

Eligibility Criteria

  • The minimum eligibility criteria for admission to the ADP-PT is Intermediate (Pre Medical) with at least 45% marks or equivalent qualification.
  • At least 50% marks in NHU Entrance Test.
  • Result awaiting students may also apply.

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