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Other labs

Other labs:

In exception of normal computer-labs, we have designed Engineering & Electronic laboratories that are furnished and equipped with latest digital apparatuses that can help students in performing practical tasks & simulating practical work environment challenges. Lab teachers and relative course instructors are always available to help students in order to gain practical knowledge by training them through given equipment. Library: University has an air-conditioned and large space library. It comprises of a big size hall which is fully furnished with comfortable & cushioned chairs, study tables and holding shelves so that students can easily sit and utilize their precious time to study in accommodative environment. It also contains Hundreds of books from every department and with the diverse topic range and is also served with the view of constant addition by filling it with new books. All the students of this University are highly encouraged to get as much benefit as they can. Students are issued their Identity cards that can further help them in issuance of books.