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Nazeer Hussain university’s department of continuous professional development provides credit and non-credit courses, diplomas, and other activities in response to changing community needs. These give residents easy access to cheap educational, recreational, and employment possibilities and assist people, businesses, and other institutions in adapting to economic and technological change. The department plays a pioneering role in ensuring that everyone has access to the arts and culture to improve the general quality of life”.


Our vision is to Expanding possibilities, strengthening communities and to bring a quality higher education. This department is establishing to fulfil the educational needs and empowering the young minds with Knowledge, Soft Skills, Life Skills, Enterprise and Vision. Introduction of latest tools and techniques to adapt the youngsters with the global transformation is a commitment of department of continuing education. Constant career guidance, inculcation of ethics and values and exposure to wide range of scholastic and non-scholastic activities in.


Department of continuing education is dedicated to providing the highest quality education possible for our students at affordable price, in order to effect the best education available for all of the students, pharmacist, Engineers, young entrepreneurs and corporate sectors trainings whose lives may someday be touched by those who have come to us for their education and training.

Project Goals and Objectives:

The ambition of the Department of Continuing Education is to become a reputable leader in the provision of high-quality, reasonably-priced training in Addictive Disorders Studies as a consequence of a system of open communication of its purpose, goals, and objectives. The Department of Continuing Education works to achieve the following organizational goals as it promotes this vision:

•  Provide a dynamic, engaging learning environment that involves students in the process of learning.
•  To encourage self-evaluation and motivation in students, give them constructive criticism.
•  Clear learning objectives, thorough training, and evaluation should be provided for every course to guarantee course mastery and student success.
•  Utilize technology to develop efficient teaching methods that increase learners’ access to education.

Core Values:

The Department of Continuing Education’s fundamental values is a collection of guidelines that direct the development of the curriculum, teachers, students, and staff while also supporting the goal of the department.

Ethics – Encourage a learning atmosphere that encourages accountable, moral conduct that upholds the worth of every community member.
Integrity – Uphold moral principles in all of your actions. Ensure that all of your interactions with students, professors, staff, and other stakeholders take place in a fair, honest, and impartial manner.
Student Service – Make every effort to guarantee that curriculum, delivery, and support services react to questions, requests, and complaints in a suitable and timely way.
Quality – Offer educational initiatives that result in the knowledge and abilities required for information literacy, professional progress, personal enrichment, leadership, and community service. The Department of Continuing Education continuously evaluates methods, policies, and processes to improve the overall efficacy of curriculum, instructional delivery, and operations in order to guarantee program me quality.

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Program Members

Faculty - Farrukh Zafar
Farrukh Zafar (Manager)
Faculty - Bushra Abdul Jabbar
Bushra Jabbar (Asst. Manager)
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