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Architecture & The Built Environment

Department Of Architecture & The Built Environment

The Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment consists of four related specialisms in Architecture, Environmental Design Technologies,Urban Design and Interior Architecture.The courses are selected and constructed responding to Prevailing global and local needs, as well as to the anticipating future market requirements,thereby, developing a global graduate able to compete and lead in the national and international market. All three specialisms are structured to be led by design and research, and offer a series of practical workshops, live community and industry-initiated projects, with the aim of producing independently minded graduates skilled in design, research, technology and practice techniques.

Teaching and learning in the respective programs is designed as modules delivered on a annual modular basis during the two semesters in an academic year. The key modules with the highest number of credits — in all largely based on design projects, and as such are delivered generally in the design studios. Indeed, these design projects represent 40% of the course content. The design modules are closely integrated into the technology, history and theory modules. In the final year, of each the programs within the Faculty, the subjects of Technology and Professional Practice form an integral element of a larger Comprehensive Design Project. In addition to undertaking research-based design project work, we will equip you with the creative skills and knowledge to tackle complex design issues related to our cities and communities. Design, research, drawing and making, casting, manual and digital rendering, detailed large-scale model making, and computer-based graphics/CAD drawing skills will be taught through studio sessions and dedicated workshops. One of the key design tools will be various forms of casting, mapping in urban and social term, as well as the study of contemporary design theory, social space theory, sustainability, materiality and cultural identity.


The Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment aspires to become a center of openly accessible higher education backed by concepts of social welfare and egalitarianism. It seeks to create independent thinkers who pursue innovation, engender social responsibility, endorse academic freedom and live as responsible members of the Pakistani and global communities.


The Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment is committed to an architectural education that addresses social, cultural and environmental sustainability in the local context and promotes architecture as a creative, interdisciplinary, research-based practice, activity, and process. Active links with various industries and communities in Karachi and wider Pakistan are envisaged to familiarize students with real-world conditions. An involvement of students in ‘live’ projects is expected to encourage research through a practice-based approach, while addressing the topic of environmental and social sustainability at the theoretical and design studio levels, both, is expected to inculcate in students a sense of responsibility towards the environment and the use of natural resources, and create an awareness of the need for socio-cultural inclusion.

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