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British Council Pakistan Visits NHU

British Council Pakistan Visits NHU
British Council Pakistan Visits Nazeer Hussain University
We are delighted to share that Mr. Usman Khalid, Country Head of Higher Education Mobility, and Mr. Muhammad Imran Khan, Business Development Officer, from the British Council Pakistan, visited Nazeer Hussain University on a special invitation from Engr. Farhat Khan, the Chancellor of the university. The purpose of their visit was to explore potential collaborations and provide valuable information to the faculty and students.
The visit commenced with a meeting held at the Chancellor’s office, where Mr. Usman Khalid and Mr. Muhammad Imran Khan had the opportunity to engage with the Chancellor, Registrar, Administration team, and other senior colleagues. During the meeting, they discussed various possibilities for collaboration and synergies between the British Council and Nazeer Hussain University.
Following the meeting, a session was organized for the faculty and undergraduate students of the university. The British Council officials conducted this session, which was attended by a large number of students. Mr. Usman Khalid shared valuable information about Study UK opportunities, scholarships, statistics, the application process, and life in the UK. His insights provided students with a comprehensive understanding of studying abroad.
Additionally, Mr. Muhammad Imran Khan conducted an exclusive session focusing on English assessments, with an emphasis on the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). This session aimed to enhance the students’ knowledge and understanding of English language proficiency requirements for international studies.
Both sessions proved to be engaging and received an overwhelmingly positive response from the students. The participants actively participated in the discussions and demonstrated excellent energy throughout, particularly during an exciting quiz activity.
In conclusion, the Chancellor extended gratitude to the British Council for their valuable visit and for conducting such informative sessions at Nazeer Hussain University. As a token of appreciation, the Chancellor presented shields to Mr. Usman Khalid and Mr. Muhammad Imran Khan. The visit not only strengthened the relationship between Nazeer Hussain University and the British Council but also provided students with valuable insights and opportunities for their future endeavors in the field of higher education.