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Certificate in Health Professions Education (CHPE)


Certificate in Health Professions Education program is a six month certificate program with blended learning (face to face / Online) that has been specially designed to introduce the basic concepts of teaching and learning to health professions education teachers.
CHPE program provides an opportunity for medical and allied faculty to learn basics of health professions education, that are required to make them effective teachers through introducing the basic concepts about teaching and learning, curriculum design, and assessment. All teachers must acquire basic teaching skills if they wish to adopt a teaching career in health sciences.


The course has been designed to impart current requirements of educational system related to medical professionals

Eligibility Criteria

  • MBBS, DPT, Pharm-D, BDS, DOT, BSN, BSNS, BS-MLT, BS-SLP, BSPT, BSOT or Equivalent Qualification recognized by HEC

Duration of Program: 06 months
Type of Study: Blended Learning Program (Face to Face / Online)

Fee Structure


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